Chapter: 1394

Chapter 1394 - Enraged Hellfire Phoenix, No One Left Alive

The huge explosive sound created panic for the surrounding people. As though they were ordinary people feeling the shockwave of a huge explosion, the jet black Underworld Fireball exploded into a gray void.

The elder disappeared, instant death. The overwhelming might stunned Qing Shui, however it was not shocking for the Hellfire Phoenix. This was its power; its normal level of power.

Thus, Hellfire Phoenix changed targets to a different elder.

Underworld Fireball

The elder that was targeted started to panic, he cried out loud, “Left Custodian, save me!”

After this session of attacks, Che Clan’s members were more than half dead or injured. Three of the strongest four members of the Che Clan were dead. At this time, the elder did not care about saving face, he hollered out loud for help.

Ice Congelation!

Right at this moment, the elder dressed in azure phoenix clothing acted. His body did not move, but he freely waved his hand, a pillar of water shot out with lightning speed. In the blink of an eye, it had reached the Underworld Fireball.


A dull noise resounded. The Underworld Fireball exploded again in midair. Qing Shui was stunned, this Left Custodian had quite the battle sense. He quickly found the method to counter...

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