Chapter: 1393

Chapter 1393 - Killing Two People, The Great Power of the Hell's Phoenix

Anyone could tell that Qing Shui was actually scolding the people from Che Clan for being arrogant and throwing their weight about to bully others. However, the way Qing Shui said it left a more memorable impression.

Che Chi didn't wish to let Qing Shui carry on and swung his pair of hammers. "You better bring out your true abilities. It's useless to just rely on all talk."

Qing Shui looked at the figure that came charging over. The old man had a circle of red light that looked like flames around him. Even the two huge hammers he was holding had turned crimson red. He appeared next to Qing Shui with a flash and the pair of hammers came smashing down with two rows of afterimages.

Powerful... Qing Shui could now sense the old man's strength. He should be about Peak Grade Five False God. Even if he wasn't at peak, he should be close. He was one of Che Clan's top notch cultivators.

For False Gods, one would first look at the grade. Grade five was the first great demarcation in the False God realm. Another thing that people would look at would be the Heavenly Technique. If a Grade Four False God's Heavenly Technique was powerful enough, the person could stand up against or even defeat a Grade Five False God.

This old man had already gone through several False God Tribulations and he was also the...

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