Chapter: 1392

Chapter 1392 - Devil Suppression Formation, Devil Slaying Golden Lock Formation, Che Clan and Left Custodian

Qing Shui wasn't too surprised that the Spirit Gathering Lamp had lost its effect. At grade six, the level of the Spirit Gathering Lamp was considered to be too low. Even if it were to increase by one grade, it would be hard for there to be any effect. Although these things were very good, it was too hard to increase their grades.

This was even when Qing Shui had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Otherwise, even if he had these treasures, there was no way that they could be of any use. This was unless he could find some things which could increase the grade of the treasures directly.

Qing Shui was satisfied. In the future, after the Spirit Gathering Lamp leveled up, it could be a huge surprise. Right now, the Fire Bird's strength of 22 million sun was already sufficient to deal with the current situation.

With a great feeling of surprise and joy, Qing Shui started his cultivation!


In the previous battle, Qing Shui once again experienced the prowess of formations. If it was a one-on-one fight, formations were not of much use. Qing Shui had the Nine Palace Steps and his family started learning it from a young age. Moreover, all of them learn the same formation as well.

The Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation!

The Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation could be adapted into other formations, such...

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