Chapter: 1388

Chapter 1388 - Blood River Chariot Formation, Che Qi’s Sure Kill Heavenly Technique, Blood Saber Death Seal

Hearing the Divine Sound Sect being mentioned, Qing Shui did not say much. He had never heard of the Divine Sound Sect but it seemed rather formidable. He decided he would remain silent. If the Che Clan was wary about the Divine Sound Sect, then Qing Shui’s silence would cause them unnecessary worry.

“The Divine Sound Sect and I have no relation. You can be reassured that they would not interfere because there will be no need for it.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

His way of speaking caused further uncertainty within the hearts of the members of the Che Clan. It was already past the point of no return. The elder’s face paled as he looked at Qing Shui, “The Divine Sound Sect is a sinister and evil force, to join forces with a sinister power, the Dancing Phoenix Continent would not allow the likes of you to go about unscathed.”

Qing Shui remained calm and collected, he had already guessed as much. Previously, he had heard of the Four Great Evil Powers. Demon Lord Palace was one of the four, it would seem that Divine Sound Sect was amongst their ranks as well. However, Qing Shui did not know the remaining two.

“Those who walk straight would not be worried about their shadows being slanted. However,...

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