Chapter: 1387

Chapter 1387 - Confronting Grade Four False God Cultivator, The Dividing Range of False God Realm, Fengming Yinsha

Qing Shui’s words shocked Tianhe Renmo. The main reason he had come here was to assist Qing Shui. He still clearly remembered the words he had told him before. Everything he had today was given to him by Qing Shui. Therefore, he had to show up here no matter what.

Therefore, he didn’t come here this time so that Qing Shui could give him a surprise. Although he wasn’t too surprise to hear Qing Shui’s words, he still spoke very happily. “I’m really looking forward to your surprise, brother.”

Qing Shui brought him to a hidden chamber and started helping him to refine his body and establish his foundation by using Spring of Life, Five Elements Spring of Life, Gold Needle Constitution Nurturing and Nine Yang Constitution Nurturing. Tianhe Renmo was a worthy friend to keep, so Qing Shui didn’t hold anything back when helping him.

By the time he was done with everything, half of the day had already passed. Tianhe Renmo was slightly disbelieving, just as how he felt when Qing Shui had healed him back then.

Usually it would be very difficult for him to make it through another False God Tribulation unless he possessed a heaven-defying object. Even if he managed to break through, unknown danger would still be lurking around as long as his foundation...

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