Chapter: 1382

Chapter 1382 - Killing Everyone, Linghu Yu, The Phoenix Dance Organization Is Huge

The Paragon Strike was one that had a 100% hit rate and this made Qing Shui very happy. Furthermore, its prowess seemed to be more powerful than imagined. The Paragon Strike seemed to be similar to attacks that could neglect certain defenses. It was because by rights, it should be impossible for this power to be able to beat that huge golden turtle into this state.

The bloodthirsty demonic vines continued to wrap around and lash out against the golden Origin Qi turtle, slowly depleting away its energy. Qing Shui didn't call out the Treasure Hunting Pig but had instead used the Nine Palace Laws and other reinforcements to increase the turtle's rate of depletion.

He knew that they couldn't afford to have their powers depleted at such a rate.

Just then, Qing Shui used some battle techniques to increase the pressure, controlling the bloodthirsty demonic vines. The Five Elements Divine Refining Technique was really a heaven defying existence. It seemed that there was a need for him to also cultivate the other elements. They might prove to be very powerful in the later phase.

Golden Sword!

This was the sharpest attack. When cultivated to the highest level, it was said that there was nothing which it couldn't destroy. This attack was one that was meant to be put to use together with the bloodthirsty demonic vines and cultivated together with the Five Elements...

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