Chapter: 1379

Chapter 1379 - Yelang Clan's Great Loss, Phoenix Dance Amalgation, Dongye Clan

Yelang Wuji's power wasn't too much out of Qing Shui's expectations. Earlier on, he had only sensed their approximate abilities and had a rough gauge. It was just that the other party didn't sense his own abilities.

Yehuang Guwu's abilities were very vague as well. They might have been able to sense that she was only at Grade One False God but she still had six demonic beasts. Furthermore, they were Early Grade Three False Gods!

Yelang Wuji had already passed by one False God Tribulation. The False God Tribulation between Grade One False God and Grade Two False God was the easiest to break through. However, this was also where the most number of people die from tribulation. It was because there was the most number of people who reached this grade.

With a wave of his hand, Qing Shui called out the Nine Continents Mountain!

The Nine Continents Mountain could now reach a power of close to two million sun, reaching Peak Grade One False God. It had three times Qing Shui's speed and that powerful Shield Attack. Even Yelang Wuji, who had just passed through the first False God Tribulation wouldn't be able to receive the attack so easily.

"Make your move. If you don't, then I will." Qing Shui put his hand on the Nine Continents...

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