Chapter: 1376

Chapter 1376 - Qing Shui's Peak Martial Emperor Demonic Beast, A Sect With A Long History, the Divine Beast Sect

Zhao Yaowu left and Qing Shui didn't feel anything about it but just took a walk around the manor with the two ladies. There weren't many people here to begin with. Including Zhao Yaowu, there was only just over ten people, with one person in-charge of the cleaning up of a building. Since there was no one staying in the place, the cleaning wasn't done once a day. Qing Shui had no idea if the reduction in staff was Zhao Yaowu's wishes or if it was a decision by the Tianhe Clan. It was impossible for ten people to clean up the entirety of the ten buildings once through daily.

It could be because Qing Shui's earlier action had stunned some people that three of the maids left, quitting the job. Qing Shui wouldn't force them to stay either. He knew that the people who had stayed here would definitely be people who were on quite good terms with Zhao Yaowu.

There were still five or six of them left. Qing Shui wasn't bothered to say anything to them. If they wished to stay, Qing Shui wouldn't be against it. If he couldn't even deal with maids, then how would he be able to set up the Imperial Cuisine Hall?

The interiors of the pavilion buildings were still quite clean with not much dust. The wooden floor was so clean that it could reflect a person's image. The place at which Zhao Yaowu and the maids stayed wasn't within these ten pavilion...

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