Chapter: 1366

Chapter 1366 - Showdown against False God Warriors, That’s all they have got? The fall of False God Warriors

This was an aged old man with a perfectly straight body. He had the nose of an eagle and eyes of a sparrow. Despite his old age, he still gave off a fierce and ruthless aura, giving people the impression that he was a person who wouldn’t hesitate to kill.

A lot of people, including the people from Yehuang Clan, all expressed shock upon hearing such words. Once she returned to Yehuang Clan, Yehuang Clan would have been hers. Despite all that was said, Yehuang Clan was still the main ruler of Yehuang Country. For a woman from a particular clan, she could own the entire Yehuang Clan once she came back?

There was no precedent for such a situation. At the very least, there were very few women who could actually take over a clan. This was particularly so for clans like Yehuang Clan which had reached great heights. If a woman was to take over the clan, it would only have meant that there were no powerful men in their clan.

This would embarrass all the men in Yehuang Clan. They wouldn’t be able to raise their head in front of people.

Yehuang Guwu didn’t have a desire to rule Yehuang Clan. In the past, it was impossible to make her do it. As for now, she no longer kept Yehuang Clan in her eyes. The reason being that she knew clearly that the man by her side could very easily crush this clan in the future.

Even for herself, it wouldn’t take long until she could...

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