Chapter: 1365

Chapter 1365 - Battle, White Tiger Showing Off Its Might, Irresistible

"What a pitiful person. However, Yehuang Clan has gone a little too far in this matter."

"That's right. It would have been good if he hadn't snatched that lady for himself back then or if that lady was the most ordinary person. However, it seems that this lady here isn't an ordinary person and she seems to be on quite good terms with Miraculous Physician Qing as well."

"It's not just quite good. Can't you see that they're very compatible? Only a lady like her would be a match for Miraculous Physician Qing."

"Then do you think that Miraculous Physician Qing will take action for this lady? Right now, he's very influential. There should be quite a number of people here who'd want to help Miraculous Physician Qing."

"It's hard to say. After all, the Yehuang Clan is very powerful. Only Puyang Caln will really be able to stand up for Miraculous Physician Qing. If they were to step forth, there'll definitely be others who would try to join the crowd."


Many guesses were ongoing. There were people who thought well of Yehuang Clan but there were also those who thought well of Qing Shui. Just then, many gazes were gathered on Yehuang Duxin.

"Answer? Your mother was my woman, you're my daughter...

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