Chapter: 1364

Chapter 1364 - Facing Yehuang Clan, Weapons Drawn

Unknowingly, it had already been a week since Yehuang Guwu came to the Dancing Phoenix Continent. She didn't head to Yehuang Clan immediately. She was waiting for a good time. Three days later would be the day that Yehuang Duxin was marrying a new wife. Of course, it wasn't his first wife and neither would it be the last.

It was nothing much for members of great clans to marry a wife. However, this time around, the lady that Yehuang Duxin was getting married to was no ordinary lady. She was one who would immediately assume the highest position amongst his wives upon marriage.

Chi Clan's Young Miss!

Chi Clan was one of the most powerful clans in the Yehuang City.They were not much inferior to Yehuang Clan and right now, the reason they were having a political marriage with Yehuang Clan seemed to be also due to the fact that they faintly felt threatened.

The threat came from Qing Shui and the Puyang. The upper echelon in the Yehuang Country Old Man Puyang had suddenly attained a breakthrough to Grade Two False God. This also made Yehuang Clan feel a little uneasy that they would be replaced by Puyang.

Such things happened too often in this world. For the past year, the Yehuang Clan had been on guard against the Puyang and had also tried to associate with...

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