Chapter: 1362

Chapter 1362 - Perfected Nine Yang Golden Body, Complete Saturation, A year, Violet Gold Level Tiger Form, Chi Ao and Chi Feng

Qing Shui didn’t know where he could set up his next location once the Five Elements Divine Flag broke through again. If it was about him travelling alone, actually, he was almost ready for it. But the precondition was that he would need to first cooperate with Yehuang Guwu.

Refine medicines!

Qing Shui successfully refined the Four-Yang Pill once. Now, he was going to continue refining it. Upon successfully refining it once, the success rate when he continued to refine more had increased a lot. After failing twice in the middle of the process and eventually going for the Golden Snake Grass, now, basically, he would only get things in his favour every time he tried to refine the medicine.

It was just that each time he refined, he would only get one pill out of it. Though Four-Yang Pill may be precious, its value was undisputable. In terms of increasing one’s strength, it could help boost it by tens of times. Other than that, it could also help strengthen the person’s body physique. It had a surprisingly powerful effect on some people with unique body physiques.

Qing Shui spent almost all of his time refining Four-Yang Pills. He only stopped after successfully refining ten of them. Now, he needed to consume either one or two of them.

He still had a month of time left within the realm. This was already almost enough time for him. Even if it wasn’t sufficient, he would still return back to his room. Hence, he wasn’t...

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