Chapter: 1360

Chapter 1360 Qing Sha's Physique, Pernicious Devil, Preparing To Refind the Four-Yang Pill

Di Chen took Qing Shui's hand and they had a stroll on the grassy plains. Looking at the extremely beautiful lady next to him, Qing Shui had an indescribable sense of pride. People said that women are the face of men and could reflect men's taste. He didn't know if this was right but he knew that capable men would have no lack of beautiful ladies next to them.

The beauty of ladies wasn't referring just to their appearance. If a beautiful lady appeared to be vulgar in their actions and speech and was loose, these would soon cause her beautiful appearance to become not so beautiful. A lady that was like a vase and had nothing good about her except her beauty, wouldn't be able to stand up against time. Some people couldn't even become vases.

Beautiful ladies required not only beautiful appearances but what was inside counted as well. Ladies who were truly beautiful were like a vat of great wine. The longer the time passed, the greater the fragrance unleashed. This was how it was for one's disposition.

To Qing Shui, disposition was more important that one's appearance. Even if some women could only barely be considered beautiful, their dispositions could make them the most beautiful ladies, giving off a feeling that would charm others.

Disposition wasn't to put on appearances. It was to have graceful actions and every frown and every smile would...

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