Chapter: 1358

Chapter 1358 - Birth of Soulsearch’s Child. Two ladies pregnant, The Qing Clan is unable to have an inheritance?

On the next day, Qing Shui bid farewell to Tianhe Clan. The old man from Tianhe Clan also informed him that later on, they would travel to Yehuang Country.

Tianhe Renmo didn’t go along with Qing Shui right away. He didn’t want to bother Qing Shui and Yuan Su. It was just that he still didn’t know about the relationship between Qing Shui and Yuan Su. Other than that, it was also because Qing Shui didn’t want to let them know about his Nine Continents Steps Effect too soon.

Other than when he was in Tianhe City, Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Steps Effect to make haste for the rest of his journey. In just a moment’s time, they had already arrived in Yehuang Country City. Yuan Su, who experienced the Nine Continents Step Effect for the second time, found herself totally shocked. She was starting to find this man more and more mysterious. They hadn’t met for many years and during those years, a lot of things about him had changed. He had become more mature. Certainly, a lot of things seemed to have stayed the same too. He was still the man she was once familiar with.

Soulsearch also felt extremely happy seeing both of them back. Li Ji was going to give birth at anytime. It should be on the following week. Soulsearch was really agitated. He was really looking forward to that child of his.

Initially, he was already considered to be an old man....

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