Chapter: 1353

Chapter 1353 - Famous after a single battle, Unblockable, Tuning

He was totally humiliated, totally being slapped in the face. Most importantly, that superior feeling he used to have had been crushed completely. This very moment had caused Yehuang Duxin to feel as if every hope of his had turned to dust. For a moment, he was unable to accept it. Even the danger which he faced before didn’t make him panick. Even if he died, he wouldn’t regret it.

Upon hearing the voice, Qing Shui quickly retrieved the Nine Continents Mountain. Actually, he never planned to kill Yehuang Duxin. The reason being that he wanted to leave him for Yehuang Guwu. After holding back, he looked towards the old man who was flying towards him.

This old man was the old man whom he offered birthday congratulations to last time. He still needed his Longevity Noodle to survive. Hence, Qing Shui wasn’t worried about Yehuang Clan. Let alone that the match this time was a competition. It was a very common thing to have competitions. Similarly, Yehuang Clan also wasn’t willing to let people criticize them about them being reluctant to admit defeat.

“Old Man Yehuang, you’re here,” Qing Shui smiled and greeted him.

The old man also looked at Qing Shui with a smile. But in actuality, deep down, he was already feeling really upset and uncomfortable. He was very clear about how strong Yehuang Duxin was. Yet he has actually been defeated so easily by someone...

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