Chapter: 1348

Chapter 1348 - The change in half a year, Dragon Elephant, Qing Shui at peak Martial Emperor

There were also quite a few people in the Qing Clan whose strength had achieved a pretty good level like Canghai Mingyue, Hai Dongqing, Mingyue Gelou and Mu Qing. For now, it was unnecessary to take into account the children. With Qing Shui around, the kids were already standing at the top of their age groups.

The people who Qing Shui were a bit worried about were Shi Qingzhuang and Zhu Qing. Yun Duan was slightly faster compared to them. As for those two, they were progressing only slightly faster than the people from Qing Clan. Now though, Qing Shui was already raising the innate skills of the people from Qing Clan. Furthermore, the effects also worked out quite well. The speed at which they improved had shockingly grown a lot faster. Prior to this, they were too weak. Ever since their innate skills were altered, the speed at which they improved had become many times faster than before.

Regarding this matter, the two girls also felt a bit upset, particularly Shi Qingzhuang. There wasn’t that big a gap between the age of this intelligent and beautiful woman and Qing Shui’s. She was one of Qing Shui’s earliest woman. She might not have said anything about it, but she was unsatisfied with her own strength.

Zhu Qing, on the other hand, was content with it. For most of the time in a day, she would be the one to look after the children. Whenever someone needed someone to take care of her children, she could just deliver them to her. Regardless of whether she was taking care of one...

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