Chapter: 1343

Chapter 1343 - Shui Clan, Imperial Cuisine Hall's Status

When Qing Shui found Soulsearch, the latter had actually not gone to look at Li Ji. Earlier, Soulsearch had only used that as an excuse to leave Qing Shui to have a chat with Yuan Su. Seeing Qing Shui, Soulsearch smiled and said, "Brother, you're really blessed with good fortune in love."

"Alright, Elder Brother, I need to discuss something with you. Can you teach your pulse taking technique to her?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Of course. Brother, right now, your mastery of it is much stronger than mine. As long as you wish for it, you can teach it to anyone," Soulsearch quickly said. It wasn't as if his great technique had a rule of not passing it to females or any other restrictions like that.

"Come, let us go in. In the future, the Imperial Cuisine Hall has one more new addition." Qing Shui smiled and indicated for Soulsearch to enter with him. Li Ji was no longer there and was resting quietly in that small manor. After all, this place was too lively.

When Yuan Su saw Qing Shui and Soulsearch walking in, she quickly stood up.

"Elder Brother, she is Yuan Su, a friend of mine from the past. You should be clear of her medical skills and things like that. If you're agreeable, she'll be officially a member of our Imperial Cuisine Hall."

"Welcome. Of course I have no objections. I'm...

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