Chapter: 1342

Chapter 1342 - Yuan Su Stayed Behind, Who Changed?

Meeting Yuan Su here made Qing Shui especially surprised. Back then, there was a hint of romantic feeling between them. It was because he had seen her fully naked body when he was treating her. However, this lady then taken the initiative and asked him for a favor. When Qing Shui saw her, he easily recalled.

"Can we not ever see each other again in the future?" Yuan Su hesitated for a moment before she had said that. She wasn't looking at Qing Shui but was looking at some other place.

"I understand. Let's head back!"

"I really don't have any other choice. I hope to forget about that matter. Otherwise, I won't be able to attain a breakthrough in my cultivation. When I see you, I'll think about what happened that day. I wish to forget about it," Yuan Su sighed and said.

"Don't feel burdened. I understand. I'll be returning to the Greencloud Continent in a few days time. I don't know when the next time I'll be coming to the Central Continent is but I won't come to the Seven Stars Country in the future."

This was what Qing Shui had said when they parted ways. Back then, he had also treated Yuan Su as someone in his life's journey whom he was thankful to. He might also be the same kind of existence to her. However, they were also passersby in each...

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