Chapter: 1336

Chapter 1336 - Qing Shui's Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling, Little Wuwu, Two Ladies Out From Seclusion

He should be able to refine Yang Pellets in the short term. This was a variant. Even if he wouldn't be able to get tremendous benefits from Yang Pellets in the short term, there were still family and friends around him. As long as they would hit the requirement to be able to take the Yang Pellets, their abilities could increase tremendously.

During this period of time, Qing Shui was also getting stronger. However, these things weren't the most important. What that was important was for his power to be stabilized. Furthermore, Qing Shui had used the Life and Death Needles to reinforce himself, bringing up the level of his Nine Yang Golden Body.

His Nine Yang Golden Body was already at the great perfection stage. He didn't know if it could be brought up to a higher level. The Violet Golden Blood Thread in his bloodstream was now twice as thick as before. The power in his bloodstream had also caused Qing Shui's abilities to be increased by a lot more. However, what he had gained the most was the explosive damaging power he could unleash.

Today, Qing Shui felt that he wanted to go back to the Western Oxhe Continent to take a look. After all, it had been a long while since he went back to see...

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