Chapter: 1332

Chapter 1332 - Misunderstandings, Another Type of Breakthrough, Returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall

Yehuang Guwu laughed happily when she heard what Qing Shui said. “I didn’t have confidence in the past, but now I do. Thank you!”

“Martial Aunt, you don’t have to thank me. You could say that this was destined. After all, you are the one who developed the changes to the Tiger Form. I am also happy that you grew strong,” Qing Shui replied cheerfully.

“That’s right. You benefited quite a lot from me, too. Should I be your woman? Anyways, I’m not going to marry anyone and you’re not going to touch me.” Yehuang Guwu smiled teasingly. She liked toying with Qing Shui. This younger man gave her a sense of security. If she couldn’t marry anyone, it did not matter to her if they were just married in name. However, if she could be a real woman, who would she marry?

Yehuang Guwu was troubled when she thought about this, but she quickly dismissed that thought. If she could become a real woman, she should be happy and not worried.

“Sure!” Qing Shui replied. Somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to reject...

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