Chapter: 1330

Chapter 1330 - The Complete Awakening of the Hundred Blossom Body. A second Golden Star, Nine Nine Divine Nebula Formation

If he was to make assumptions based on the Heavenly Meridians which had been established contact with, he might have already found all twelve of the women in the Portraits of Beauty. Despite this, he kept on having a feeling that things weren’t that simple. But he stopped thinking about it after thinking for just a while. He decided to go with the flow. Even he himself might not be able to see all twelve of the Portraits of Beauty. Could the final two be Yu Sunu and Mu Qing?

This time, Wenren Wu-shuang had benefited even more. She managed to catch up and became the first person to achieve State Master grade. If she was in the Western Oxhe Continent, even Qing Sha would be considered a State Master. But this was the five continents they were talking about, merely a State Master was enough to sweep across the entire five continents.

Could it be that it was because she was one of the women from the Portraits of Beauty? Or could it have to do with her own strength? Not only did Wenren Wu-shuang manage to achieve State Master grade, her body was even filled with mysterious strength. This energy was colored a bit blue and a bit red. This should have something to do with her unique body type. This time, she was considered to have awakened her body physique. In the future, her strength would improve very quickly and at a frightening rate.

This time, Qing Shui...

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