Chapter: 1319

Chapter 1319 - This Is Scorpiosnake Poison [1], The Great Yehuang Clan, Powerful Life and Death Needles

Li Husheng looked at Soulsearch and asked uneasily, his eyes filled with anticipation.

"Mister Li, I'll only be able to suppress it temporarily," Soulsearch said a little helplessly.

A faint hint of disappointment appeared on Li Husheng's face. He was clear about his own condition and had approached many physicians for help. However, out of all the physicians he had approached, only Soulsearch was able to temporarily suppress it. In the long term, there was still no cure. Therefore, Soulsearch told him to look for better alchemists and physicians to help him.

The yang energy in his body continued to decrease and now, even his adam's apple was deteriorating and his lower body was shrinking. This was driving him crazy. If all of his yang energy were to dissipate, then he would lose his life as well. Soulsearch could only help him to control his condition for half a year. If he still couldn't find someone who could treat him within this time, he would probably only be able to hang on for another half a year at most.

"Qing Shui, why don't you take a look at Mister Li's condition? He's a good man," Soulsearch smiled and said.

Hearing Soulsearch's words, Qing Shui knew that the former was trying to tell him that this person was unlike Li Ye and...

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