Chapter: 1314

Chapter 1314 - Divine Beast Sect, Qing Shui Preparing To Head To Dancing Phoenix Continent

The words she said had a very great impact. This lady had already made everything very clear. She didn't need to be recognized, nor did she want to be his wife. She only wanted to be a soulmate.

Qing Shui felt that he had encountered many good things in life. The matter with this ethereal lady before him was one of them. Even if he felt that this was real, he would subconsciously feel that it wasn't. Things like these were in no way inferior compared to the issue of him being reborn in this world.

"Then can I have a taste right now?" Qing Shui daringly said next to her ears.

"Don't you think about it now. Even if I were to let you take advantage of me, I still need to put you on observation for a little longer." The lady spoke shyly next to Qing Shui's ears, her breathing caused Qing Shui's heart to itch.

"Then what benefits do I get right now?" Qing Shui was now more daring.

His hand slipped up the lady's slender waist. Now that she had said all of this, he no longer planned to pretend to be a gentleman. Furthermore, there was still the Five Elements Divine Flag. It was just like how in Buddhism, this would be called an affinity.

Since he had encountered this affinity, he would think of ways to let it stay. This lady had decided on him due to the physique that she had....

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