Chapter: 1313

Chapter 1313 - Lady's Seduction, Preparing To Head To the Desolate Mountain Regions

When he saw that location, Qing Shui went into a daze for a very long time. It was only until he had set the location that he could believe everything was real. Qing Shui looked toward the current Five Elements Divine Flag.

Five Elements Divine Flags (Husband)!

Second grade, can be refined with Blood Essence twice a day. For now, two locations can be set up within the map of the Five Elements Divine Flag. The number of locations can increase in accordance with the ascension in grades. The user can shuttle back and forth between the locations. It can be used to travel to each location once every month.

State: recognized owner!

It could be used together with the Five Elements Divine Flag (Wife), allowing travel between the two points without any restrictions. The only restriction was that it could be used solely between the two owners of the Five Elements Divine Flag!

This surprise was too great. The Dancing Phoenix Continent... Qing Shui had thought about it a lot, but had not expected it to be one of the other three continents. He had initially felt that the greatest possibility would be in the five continents, or at worst, in the Western Oxhe...

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