Chapter: 1310

Chapter 1310 - Who's An Idiot? Seven Steps Nine Palace Crush, Killing Like Shura

Qing Shui's words could be considered extremely arrogant, or at least, that's how he appeared to Beitang Yizong. His aura and reservations was even more concealed after he had attained the Heavenly Dao. Even those who were around his level wouldn't be able to sense his abilities. Moreover, he was very young. Therefore, Beitang Yizong raised his head and laughed loudly when he heard Qing Shui's words.

"Since you have a dying wish, I'll grant it to you. Being quick on your tongue but lacking the abilities to back it up is just plain ignorance and idiocy."

The moment Beitang Yizong finished his words, he put forth his palm and a golden shimmering lion's paw once again appeared. It Flashing in golden light, it exuded a powerful confinement ability.

Beitang Yizong wanted to confine Qing Shui and slowly crush him, so his movements weren't very fast, but his abilities were extremely terrifying nonetheless.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at the huge lion's paw which was getting closer and closer. He took a step forward.

Raging Blow!

Although Qing Shui wasn't holding the Violet Star Thunder God presently, his subconscious attack launched out explosively and slammed against Beitang Yigong's arm.


An extremely crisp sound...

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