Chapter: 1307

Chapter 1307 - Great Qi Dynasty, Buddha Sect of Western Oxhe Continent, Once again hearing the name of Great Northern Dynasty

Qing Shui nodded and went inside together with the people from the Formation Immortal Sect. The scene took a quick change due to the change in the formation. This could help save them almost 99% of their journey. Very quickly, they were already in a spot within a stone palace.

The stone palace was really huge and the inside was really clean. The majority of the things within the Stone Palace were all made of polished bright and clean stones. A lot of them looked like jade stones. This world was filled with abundant natural resources. It was not something comparable to what he used to know in his previous incarnation. A lot of the things which could only be heard or imagined in his past incarnation had turned out to be normal things around here.

“Brother, where are you now?” Back then, Qiu Feng was aware that Qing Shui was together with Tantai Xuan. Hence, everything should be alright. However, even if the Putuo Mountain didn’t accept male disciples, it would still be fairly easy for them to help him look for a sect. Let alone he knew that with Qing Shui’s talents, he would definitely not be in short of getting sects to invite him to join them.

At the moment, he only knew that Qing Shui was very powerful. But to what extent his strength was, he wasn’t really sure about that. However, by just judging the amazement in the elder and the clan head’s eyes, he already knew that it was really terrifying.

Qiu Feng...

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