Chapter: 1305

Chapter 1305 - Rise in Strength, Recipe for Golden Fragrant Jade, and the ten million experience requirement Reborn Pellet

When Qing Shui heard the Eldest Princess’ words, he had just put away the last Gold Needle. He extended his hand and slapped her on her well-rounded white butt.


Ying-ning! (SFX)

The sound was so clear it made people shiver. The Eldest Princess even let out a soft moan unintentionally. After all, Qing Shui had slapped down very suddenly and even though it didn't hurt, it was still a form of contact.

“Of course it will be great. In the future, only ask me after I store the needles away when we’re in this kind of situation. You don’t know how much impact it will actually cause me. I almost lost control……” Qing Shui chuckled and carried the Eldest Princess.

“Go to the bathroom!” The Eldest Princess whispered in Qing Shui’s ear. From her voice, she sounded a bit fearful and panicky.

Qing Shui immediately went into the bathroom. Inside, there was a huge bucket-like container for showering. It had a circumference of about a meter and a half. It almost reached Qing Shui’s chest in terms of height. The water inside looked very clear, to the point that he could easily see all the way to the bottom. He immediately took off his clothes and jumped in with the Eldest Princess.

The water in the bucket was from the hot spring in Heaven Secrets Academy. Qing Shui found it unusually comfortable when he jumped in....

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