Chapter: 1304

Chapter 1304 - The Eldest Princess Exits From Seclusion, Constitution Nurturing

The woman shook her head after thinking for a while, “I have really not heard about it on the Western Oxhe Continent. It’s likely that they’re not famous around here. Or else, I think I would have known about them. You have been to the Western Oxhe Continent for two years, but you probably haven’t heard about them before either!”

“Yes, they may be from some first or second grade dynasties!” Qing Shui leisurely shook his head. Despite this, he still felt like looking for it. He would like to at least make the Formation Immortal Sect help him look for it.

After all, the average forces around the Western Oxhe Continent would become terrifying existences when they arrived on the five continents. However, it was almost impossible for them to go to the five continents and do anything. After all, nothing was more important than surviving. This was a kind of rule. It was believed that they themselves were also aware of their own existences every day. In five years time, Qing Shui made up his mind to travel to the Ancient Teleportation Array. If anyone related to Beitang Clan appeared, Qing Shui wouldn’t hesitate to kill them.

During this time, it would be best if he could find Beitang Clan. He would also try to look for Buddha Sect at his convenience. Next time, he might bring Little Fattie over and let him lead the Buddha Sect here. Of course, he would still have to at least locate the sect itself first.

“Do you hold any grudges with them?” The woman asked after thinking for a while.

“Yes, I’m worried...

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