Chapter: 1300

Chapter 1300 - Unleashing the Soul Charming Soft Tendon Hand Technique again

Yiye Jiange was stunned upon seeing Qing Shui. She asked him curiously, “Why didn’t you go to their room? Why did you come to mine?”

Qing Shui was stunned. “You’re my woman, what’s so weird about me coming here?”

At the moment when he finished speaking, he grabbed her white arms and began walking into the direction towards the sofa.

“You can’t really do anything here…” Yiye Jiange said softly. Actually, she was reminding Qing Shui that he couldn’t do anything while they were here.

Naturally, Qing Shui was able to interpret her meaning as he smiled. “So, a simple and pure woman who has never gotten herself stained with the filthy mortal world tend to also have this kind of thought in her mind. I am here to talk to you about ambitions. Do you really think that there is nothing else for us to talk about?”

Yiye Jiange got grumpy from what Qing Shui said and immediately pinched his cheek. It was not that she was angry, in fact, it somewhat felt good to get bitten back by this little pervert. Naturally, there would be a huge gap between how thick Qing Shui’s face was compared to her.

A bit of shyness could be spotted on her face. In fact, she seemed to now possess an aura which belonged to that in the mortal world. Qing Shui grabbed her and they sat together shoulder-to-shoulder on the sofa. “If you are not going to take the initiative, I somehow don’t have the courage to defile...

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