Chapter: 1289

Chapter 1289- Five Elements Divine Flag, Husband and Wife’s Flag? Treasure

Qing Shui still felt a bit shocked upon hearing the things that the woman said. He had witnessed the formidable feature of the Divine Beast Possession. Most importantly, the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation on his body was the Earth Diamond Bear. If he could cultivate the Beast Divinity Body Possession, the Earth Diamond Bear he summoned would definitely be extremely strong. But now, the things that the woman said felt like cold water poured onto his head. Despite this, he did not give up. He wanted to see if there were any ways he could use it to make amends.

“There are two conditions in cultivating Divine Beast Possession. The first condition, you must have the bloodline from the Beast Blood Tribe. Secondly, your strength cannot be below seven thousand sun.” By the time the woman started speaking, she was already in front of Qing Shui.

A faint fragrance flowed into Qing Shui’s nose. This was not the smell of any ingredients. On the contrary, it was the unique fragrance that came from the woman’s body.

He unconsciously sniffled. He felt a bit infatuated by the smell. He did not really make it that obvious. Despite this, the woman still managed to notice it. She got a little grumpy, but she soon smiled, “Did you hear my words? Would you like to get your nose all the way here to smell me?”

Qing Shui awkwardly rubbed his nose and said...

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