Chapter: 1288

Chapter 1288 - Treasure Hunting Pig, Broken Arm, You Cannot Cultivate

Previously when he got locked on by this Spiritual Sense, half of the huge amount of flying beasts were now either gravely injured or dead. At that time, Qing Shui still didn’t know where the Spiritual Sense, that was locked onto him, came from. However, he now finally realized that it actually came from the Poisonous Python King!

As the Poisonous Python King together with the terrifying poisonous whirlwind charged towards him, Qing Shui immediately summoned the Nine Continents Mountain.

Right now, the attacking prowess of the Nine Continents Mountain was already above 4,400 sun. Even though it was still quite a huge gap compared to the current Poisonous Python King, Qing Shui still had other techniques up his sleeve.

He once again swayed his right hand.

Vajra Buddha Devil Rod, Fourth Staff, Five Soaring Waves!

Qing Shui didn’t really panicked as he observed the impact brought upon by the Poisonous Python King. He operated his Area Dominance and Nature Energy all the way to the maximum. Even though the Nature Energy and the Immovable Mountains were all fusing into the Seven-colored Pellet, this didn’t cause any delay in its usage.

At the moment when the Poisonous Python King and the Nine Continents Mountain clashed, Qing Shui’s Vajra Buddha Devil Rod also collided against the Nine Continents Mountain. The enormous, golden rod illuminated and made the entire sky really bright.



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