Chapter: 1287

Chapter 1287 - Lu Zitai, Divine Beast Possession, Poisonous Python King

Qing Shui knew that a day like this would come. After all, he killed the man with the surname Lu back then. The surname Lu was one of the most influential surnames in the Desolate Sect. Furthermore, the sect lord of the Desolate Sect also had the surname Lu.

Qing Shui circulated a magical strength around his body and immediately removed the Spiritual Sense locked onto him. This way, he felt that it shouldn’t be a problem for him to finish his meal

Qing Shui was being locked on by a Spiritual Sense. After repeated thoughts, the only conclusion he came up with was it was done by the man with the surname Lu which he killed. The person marked a seal on his body. This seal was something which only one could put in exchange for their life and the Desolate Sect had their own unique way to track Qing Shui through this seal.

After he separated away from the Spiritual Sense, it would take a bit of time if the opponents wanted to lock onto him again. These kind of seals that exchanged for the user’s life weren’t something which could be removed away easily. It was a kind of inheritance seal. However, this was Qing Shui we were talking about. If it had been someone else, it was likely that they would have been disrupted by the mark. Similar to being possessed by a demon, they wouldn’t be able to find peace in their mind. Considering that Qing Shui had powerful spirit energy, he wasn’t in the least influenced by it.

Just like this, the three of them happily finished...

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