Chapter: 1286

Chapter 1286 - The Powerful Divine Beast's Blood Essence, Powerful Demonic Beast, Being Targeted

The increment to the grade of the Coiled Dragon Statue gave Qing Shui hope. This meant that the Spirit Gathering Lamp and the Heaven Shaking Drum would be going through an upgrade soon as well. He was full of anticipation of that day's arrival. Regardless what the situation, his demonic beasts were far too important for him.

Another thing was his current abilities. His physical strength had increased by 2,000 nimbus and his overall strength increased by a lot. After all, he had the Seven-Colored Pellet, his Spiritual Weapon which was the Big Dipper Sword, the golden pellet, Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Divine Nebula Formation and others.

The Formation Eye Stone made Qing Shui's movements even more astounding. His great speed and elusive movements also made him a lot stronger. Another thing was he had also recently started to cultivate the Seven Steps Nine Palace Crush.

Qing Shui used this once very long ago and didn't use it again thereafter. Today, he suddenly discovered that this battle technique was very powerful. It came with the Nine Palace Steps and when he performed the Nine Palace Steps with the Seven Steps Nine Palace Crush, each step he took would allow him to accumulate a certain amount of power which would then be unleashed explosively at the last step, crushing every obstacle within the Nine Palace.


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