Chapter: 1277

Chapter 1277 - The change of the Sect Lord of Lotus Sect. Long-term, the royal clan of Divine Might Dynasty

“Also, forbidding love between men and women is something which is against the natural law. Don’t you think that Lotus Sect will be in danger if you do something like this?”

Qing Shui had involved the natural law in the things which he said previously. This caused the expression of Lotus Sect’s Sect Lord to change yet again. Human relations were also considered a natural law. Actually, she also felt the same about it, it was just that she was Lotus Sect’s Sect Lord. Lets first put aside whether her acts to privately change the rule of the sect would get approval, she would be criticized by others for deceiving her masters and betraying her ancestors.

“Qing Shui, you yourself are also aware that this has been a rule passed down for many years. It isn’t something that can be changed so easily. Even though I am the Sect Lord of Lotus Sect, I am in no position to make decision on a huge matter like this.”

Qing Shui was also aware that the old lady wasn’t the strongest in terms of strength in Lotus Sect. There were some things which could only be decided through a Sect Meeting. However, Qing Shui also wasn’t expecting her to change it right away.

“Senior, I don’t mean that you have to change it right now. I just hope that you won’t stop Di Chen and I. For now, I will avoid showing up nearby with...

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