Chapter: 1272

Chapter 1272 - The Amazing Puppet Marionettes, Is Three Years Enough

Puppet Marionette Encyclopedia!

Just from the name alone, one would be able to have a vague understanding of what it was about. However, he didn't know about it in detail and just received it. He saw that the old man looked very ordinary. His body seemed to be considered quite healthy but he wasn't a powerful cultivator. He wasn't even a Xiantian cultivator. However, Qing Shui could tell that the old man trained his physique throughout the years.

"Grandpa, grandpa!"

A pair of kids of about five to six years of age stood not far away. The boy looked healthy and good-natured while the girl looked very intelligent and had a good physique. Qing Shui recalled how the old man said that the puppet marionettes were passed down by his ancestors. This showed that their clan were also cultivating it very long ago.

Qing Shui received the things passed from the old man. It could already be considered an affinity for them to have come this far. After all, if it was someone else, no one would think much of the puppets. However, since he knew about it, he couldn't feign ignorance.

He took out two "Wondrous Fruits" and handed them to the two kids. The old man didn't stop him either. Seeing that the two kids were eating them happily, Qing Shui quietly...

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