Chapter: 1264

Chapter 1264 - Finally Encountering Di Chen, She Is Still Herself (teaser)

Qing Shui once again stayed behind in the Imperial City for a few more days. During this time, he consumed the Swift Agile Pill. This pill increased both the offensive speed and the normal speed of the consumer by 50%. He felt really satisfied with it.

Summing them up, Qing Shui’s speed had already increased abruptly by a few folds. Hence, his strength would also experience a significant increase. Sometimes, the strength increased due to speed wouldn’t be shown directly but as for its ability to deal damage, it would increase tremendously. For example, his current Nine Continents Mountain attacked the target with two times of both his speed and strength. If it had been three or four times of his speed, its power would have been even more terrifying.

This time, considering that his raw speed increased by multiple folds, it would cause the power of his Nine Continents Mountain to become significantly more powerful. Its prowess wasn’t something which could be compared to that from before. This was also part of the reasons why Qing Shui was willing to help Fu Rong refine the Swift Agile Pill.

This was given by Fu Rong out of her own free will. Or rather, it was given by her for long-term plans. Even if she hadn’t been willing...

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