Chapter: 1263

Chapter 1263 - The State Of Toppling Mountains and Oceans, The Powerful Nine Continents Boots

Qing Shui didn’t know if the Nirvanic Fruit was something which would only occur once. However, he didn’t have time to think about this now. Through the window from his room, he could see the brightly lit world outside. The entire Imperial City was bright like daytime and the streams of people down there appeared like a beautiful line of scenery.

He had a very good eyesight and was able to see the beautiful women below. They all wore gorgeous clothes that revealed the beautiful outlines of their body. There were also a lot of couples holding hands as they strolled along the street. Even when the street might be in a mess, it wasn’t able to stop them from indulging themselves in their own world. Despite how busy the street was, there was still a peaceful and quiet place within their heart which was shared only among themselves.

Qing Shui missed the old days but time would never return once it passed. He missed how innocent the world once felt. Back then when he used to know nothing, there was a girl who used to be with him. Until now, he was still wasn’t sure if she could be counted as his lover. They once held hands with each other and occasionally, they would kiss each other's cheek. They would spend the majority of their time talking to each other and the girl would tease him. Unfortunately at that time, he was still too innocent. Or rather, he didn’t have the courage to express his desire for sex. However,...

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