Chapter: 1262

Chapter 1262 - Eight Swift Agile Pill. The Fire Bird Which Consumed The Nirvanic Fruit, Rapid Advancement

Actually, the girl had a lot of faith in Qing Shui. She smiled and nodded: “I believe in you. My name is Fu Rong. Well then, we will meet here again tomorrow.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow!”

Qing Shui didn’t stay in the shop any longer and also took his leave after he finished speaking. In any case, he had already looked through almost all of the stuffs here. Actually, he didn’t really considered that he would be able to buy an outstanding item for a fairly cheap price as very few people actually knew about the Blackmoon Star. Without the Heavenly Vision Technique, it would have been impossible for him to know that it was the Blackmoon Star. However, he also felt really upset. He managed to find the Blackmoon Star precisely because it was sold for a high price. A lot of people on the other hand, would think that it was not worth the price at all.

The only thing which Qing Shui didn’t understand was why the boss here would sell the Blackmoon Star for such a high price.

After a while, Qing Shui also stopped to think about it. Actually, the answer was really simple, he happened to wander into this shop. For example, there might still be similar things in this shop but they had all been taken away by the early birds while he himself wasn’t aware of it. Hence, there really wasn’t a question of whether it was worth it. It was only a matter of whether it...

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