Chapter: 1260

Chapter 1260 - I said I came, Imperial City

Qing Shui rejoiced when he heard what Diwu Zhisha said. After all, he predicted before that he would only be able to meet Hu Yiya’s sister by new year. Only by then would he be able to think of a way to pass his message.

He took out the letter which Di Chen left for him. After much thought and careful consideration, he passed it to Diwu Zhisha. “Please hand this over to her when you see her. Just tell her that I’m here.”

Upon saying out these words, he felt very emotional.

Diwu Zhisha took over the letter handed out by Qing Shui and put it away carefully. She didn’t look into the letter.

“I will definitely hand over this letter to her and try my best to convince her to come out. I have only known her for a short period of time. So we are barely considered friends and she have very few friends. Basically, she doesn’t interact much with others.” Diwu Zhisha explained while she looked at him.

“Thank you, I am aware of that.” Qing Shui shook his head with a smile. Di Chen’s cultivation realm had gone up by too much all of a sudden. Even he himself didn’t know what cultivation Di Chen possessed now. It might have been because her cultivation went up too fast within a short period of time which caused her personality to change. It could also be that she couldn’t make it back for the time being, which made her to only keep the people and things she misses in her heart.

Even when he experienced...

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