Chapter: 1254

Chapter 1254 - One Against Ten, Incapable Of Withstanding Even A Single Blow. Forging The Big Dipper Sword Once Again 

Qing Shui slowly rotated his palm around her jade peaks. He tried to thoroughly experience the softness and smoothness, while his other hand was placed right at her well-rounded bottom. He looked at her tender and alluring face in mesmerization.

“Have you had enough?” the Eldest Princess’ eyes looked really charming. It appeared really elegant and appeared to be a bit misty.

“No, I will never feel satisfied. Be my woman.” Qing Shui’s face was a bit red due to blood congestion as he was trying to hold himself back. Nevertheless, he still asked her seriously.

“You haven’t made me reach the point where I want to be your woman. Don’t force me.” the Eldest Princess said gently.

“But you have fallen for me.” Qing Shui moved his body as a way to show that he was thirsting for her.

“Could it be that you only want me for my body? If that’s the case, I can give it to you now. After that, we will no longer know each other. Do you want it?” the Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui seriously.

“What do you see me as? I like bullying you, and I like everything about you as a whole. Of course, I also like your body.” Qing Shui retracted his hands from below and hugged her tightly.

The Eldest Princess said softly: “Have you not taken enough advantage of me today? You are my nemesis. If it have been other people, I would have immediately torn them into pieces.”

As Qing...

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