Chapter: 1227

Chapter 1227 - Skyrocketed, formidable strength

Qing Shui immersed himself into his Sea of Consciousness. The Sea of Consciousness was like a very impressive looking small world. There were sixty four stars which looked just like spiritual seeds arranged there. The brightest golden star was located in the center of it.

There were still a lot of spiritual stars in the surroundings. The break through this time had caused the stars in the surroundings to increase tenfold. As he activated his consciousness, the boundless spirit energy started moving gracefully. Qing Shui really enjoyed this kind of feeling.

The Golden Pellet within his Dantian had gotten slightly bigger. It wasn’t any significant increase in size, instead, it looked just like when a fruit ripened. It looked really solid and contained a terrifying amount of Divine Force.

His Spirit Energy had spread across his entire body. In just a short while, he could already feel his current strength.

His raw strength had achieved a terrifying amount of around three thousand two hundred nimbus. This seemed to be a bit beyond his expectations. In the past, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant gave him 10% of the total strength increase which it experienced. After that, it went up to 20%. Until just a while ago, Qing Shui’s raw strength was worth around a hundred nimbus. But now, it had gone up to three thousand two hundred nimbus. That was not 10%, nor was it 20%, instead, it was somewhere in between 10 to 20%.

Qing Shui remembered the danger he experienced from...

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