Chapter: 1221

Chapter 1221 - The Loser Will Break Off One Arm, Dare You Take the Challenge

No matter what, Tian Jiange's decision was a clever one. Those who headed up first tended to not be too strong. He gained three consecutive wins. At the beginning, more people would pay attention as well.

He might have gotten the attention of people from Divine Might Dynasty's royalty. This time, the person who came forth was a lady who was quite beautiful, with a generous and mature beauty. Most people with good aptitude would tend to have a good bone structure, a proportionate body, and good skin. This was why there were no lack of beauties and handsome men amongst cultivators.

"Please!" The lady smiled and said to Tian Jiange the moment she went up.

"Please!" Tian Jiange cupped his fists together.

The lady was very nimble, with a footwork that was as flexible as a sly little rabbit. The lady had a snow-white claw-like weapon which glowed with a fluorescent light, appearing to be very eye catching.


Their weapons collided and Tian Jiange's body trembled a little. His body appeared a little weird and he retreated a step a bit unnaturally. Qing Shui managed to notice something. He felt that...

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