Chapter: 1220

Chapter 1220 - Heaven Secrets Academy's and Divine Might Dynasty's Exchange Competition

It was fine even if it was a gamble. If it were to succeed, it would have too much of an effect on her. It was a pity that there was only enough for one refining process and she could only hold back. If there was at least a 30% success rate, she would dare to attempt it. It was too much of a pity that the success rate was less than 10%. Even if she had the Golden Snake Grass, the success rate would be less than 20%. It was only slightly higher. The Eldest Princess couldn't see any hope in this. This was why she had waited until now.

30% wasn't considered little. Each person could only take ten at most and the time required between each intake was very long. However, Qing Shui was able to take ten of them within a very short time frame.

Of course, other people might have some other things which could replace time and thus shorten the interval between each pill. Although in principle it would require a very long period of time, in reality, the time required would be shorter.

Qing Shui hoped that he would be able to get ten of the pills since he felt that ten Violet Golden Bloodline Pellets would have a very big impact on him. However, he wasn't used to taking away so many for himself. He had already given the Eldest Princess a Violet...

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