Chapter: 1218

Chapter 1218 - The Prescription for Violet Golden Bloodline? The Eldest Princess broke through

“I never thought that you would be an alchemist as well. I thought refining demons was your expertise. These Ten Thousand Years Spiritual Limestones are already considered to be decent. It seems that you should be very strong in terms of refining medicines.” The Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui mischievously. She seemed like she had seen through something.

It was as he thought, the Eldest Princess had found out everything, it was just that she didn’t question him about it. She knew that there were some things that shouldn’t be asked randomly. If the person didn’t want to talk about it, it was no use even if she asked.

“I guess so, it’s just that I lacked the prescription for it. As long as I have the ingredients listed on the prescription as well as the prescription itself, I would basically be able to make them.” Qing Shui wasn’t over exaggerating. He was really capable of that. Added on that there were quite a few Golden Snake Grass within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, the success rate was basically not a problem.

“Oh, you sure?”the Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui in shock.

“Of course, it shouldn’t be a problem. Could it be that there is something the Eldest Princess would like me to help make?” Qing Shui asked in surprise.

“There really is one. I wonder if you can help me with it? I have the prescription...

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