Chapter: 1214

Chapter 1214 - Killing People Out of Rage. Dragon Elephant Might. Saint Child Band. Saint Child

“Will anything happen if I kill him?” At this moment, Qing Shui asked both Yan Jinyu and the Seventh Princess softly.

At present, he was also one of the disciples from Heaven Secrets Academy. Besides that, he was unclear about the truth strength of the Saint Child Band. Merely one Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant should not be sufficient to cause any havoc in Heaven Secrets Academy.

“Martial Sister Xun, do you think anything will happen?” Despite being shocked from what Qing Shui had said, the Seventh Princess asked the woman next to her who was slightly older than herself.

Qing Shui moved his sight to the woman whom the Seventh Princess was talking to. In terms of beauty, this woman could only be considered as a top tier. She wore a greenish-blue colored attire from Heaven Secrets Academy. There were lots of colors available for the attires in Heaven Secrets Academy. Furthermore, they also had lots of variations. It all depended on the preferences of the particular individuals.

“Nothing will really happen if you kill them. But if you don’t manage to do it without leaving any evidence, both gangs would truly turn against each other.” The woman called Martial Sister Xun knitted her brows and said. She looked a bit weird and unconvinced when looking at Qing Shui.

“They are already about to kill us. Is it still...

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