Chapter: 1210

Chapter 1210 - Beast Tide, Wavemoon Dynasty, Huge Desolated City, Core Disciple Prince Fu

It was already the third day since Qing Shui arrived. Throughout these three days, Qing Shui didn’t take even a step away from the yard. He also didn’t talk to the people around him much. Qing Shui was someone who just came by recently. Since he didn’t interact with them, naturally, people wouldn’t try to go near him.

The reason why Qing Shui didn’t interact with them was that he knew that he would be leaving soon. With his strength, it’s no problem for him to be an elite disciple. The only problem was the contribution value. But he had already gotten help from Yan Qingyu and Seventh Princess. As long as there were suitable missions for him, they would inform him about it.

Both Yan Qingyu and Seventh Princess were high-grade disciples from Heaven Secrets Academy; their strength wasn't sufficient to be elite disciples. Talking about elite disciples, Qing Shui thought about Tian Jiange.

He should be able to see him soon. The next time they met each other, they would meet as friends. They should be able to do just that. He was an elite disciple of Heaven Secrets Academy. But Qing Shui didn’t know which Dynasty he was from. He most likely had his own background except it was a huge gap away compared to the Eldest Princess. He was already a hundred years old, older than the Eldest Princess...

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