Chapter: 1208

Chapter 1208 - The Eldest Princess’ letter, heading off to Heaven Secrets Academy after new year

Yu Ruyan was looking at Qing Shui who was looking back at her. Her face immediately blushed from shyness. She lowered her head slightly. Despite this, she felt really happy deep down.

She had actually been feeling really conflicted, especially when they were in the five continents. Other than her, this man didn’t bring along anyone else to this place. At the time when he mentioned bringing her along, she was already aware of his motives. That touching moment remained fresh in her memories. Until now, she still remembered it clearly in her heart. All along, this man had always had her in his heart. It was because he was concerned for her that he had been working so hard all along.

She noticed that she had started to change unwittingly, so much so that she had even begun to feel unfamiliar with herself. Back when she was in the five continents, regardless of what had happened, she never thought that she would progress till this step with Qing Shui. She kept on telling herself to forget about everything, so much so that she even had planned on disappearing from Qing Shui’s life.

Perhaps this was destiny. Or it could also be considered an ill-fated relationship. Back then, he saved her...

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