Chapter: 1207

Chapter 1207 - Disciples, the two girls arrive

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal… The reason why it got upgraded in the past was due to Yin-Yang Union. But later on, despite the Yin-Yang Union taking place once again, it still didn’t manage to ascend in grade. Hence, this phenomenon kind of made him rethink what he used to believe in

If that method didn’t work, Qing Shui really didn’t know what else would make the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal ascend in grade. He was laying down on the couch in the courtyard pondering over it.

It was already late autumn and soon going to be winter. The sun in the sky felt warm and bright, as it shone on his body, he felt warm and comfortable.

So far, Qing Shui still didn’t know what the girl’s name was. However, she had already started showing an expression which seemed as if she regretted parting with him. It was just like how a girl behaved around her father or rather, a kind of reluctance a sister had with her older brother. Qing Shui was very happy. This was also an improvement. He hoped that she would become happy.

The girl’s strength was also improving significantly during this month. Not only that, she was even growing taller. The meridians and bones within her body were also undergoing changes.

Qing Shui’s Constitution Nurturing Acupuncture played a huge role in boosting her cultivation....

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