Chapter: 1206

Chapter 1206 - Problem solved, the distant Eighth Heavenly Layer

Originally, there was quite a huge gap between Qing Shui’s and Chi Limei’s strengths. But because of his exquisite use of martial techniques, he was able to draw out an extraordinary amount of strength and compete against him. But now, he knew that he could no longer hold back. Regardless of whether it was a fight or a massacre, he should use 100% of his strength, otherwise, everything would be done for.

Emperor’s Qi!


The enormous golden Divine Rod of Heaven and Earth was pushing down the Nine Continent’s Mountain like a divine rod of heaven and earth. In a while, it locked onto Chi Limei with a terrifying aura.

The fact that Chi Limei lost 20% of his overall strength added to the effect of Seal of Xuantian made him felt like crying. But now, he couldn’t care less about crying, both the enormous mountain and the rod which suddenly came rushing down towards him made him extremely panicked and stressed.

Fire Cicada Shell!

A scarlet halo suddenly burst out around Chi Limei’s body. It quickly enveloped Chi Limei within it. No one was able to see through it from the outside.

And at this moment, the Nine Continents Mountain landed heavily on Chi Limei’s body. In an instant, a loud and explosive noise came from the sky with red lights randomly shooting out of it. By the time the entire place turned quiet, Chi Limei was seen standing perfectly...

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