Chapter: 1199

Chapter 1199 - The Blood Terminator Bead awakened, Seven-Seven Divine Nebula Formation succeeded

After Qing Shui came out, he quickly got together with the group. The girl had also woke up. In fact, many people didn’t asleep. Now, they were all together, in the span of a few breaths time, they had already been surrounded.

These people didn’t seem young. Their movements were very fast and in order. They seemed to have extremely good coordination with each other. Even though it was now nighttime and the area was a bit dark, their vision wasn’t affected.

These old men all wore scarlet flame gowns. There was a raging scarlet flame sewn on top of their shirts. Qing Shui paid particular attention to the old man in the middle since the color of his scarlet flame gown was the darkest.

Furthermore, the aura emitted around his body was also the strongest. It was concealed well yet powerful, even with Qing Shui’s current ability, he felt that he was insignificant in front of him. This made him feel burdened in his heart. This old man definitely held a very powerful position in Scarlet Flame Sect.

“Haha, I never thought that I would run into the Yan Clan’s beloved sons and daughters. More importantly, there are two princesses as well. Almost all the people Young Sect Lord mentioned are here. Back then, he was so in love with the Eldest Princess, yet… This is good. I am going to kill off all the men and bring...

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